A New Perspective on Reflection and Its Emotional Benefits

PRESS RELEASE, BRADENTON, FL, September 26, 2023—

The fall equinox this past Saturday marked the beginning of Autumn—nature’s season to slow down and let go. It’s also the best time to let our personal energy fall in sync with nature, energetically release, and connect with our innate rhythm. Karen Fullerton, a certified practitioner in quantum wellness and energy work, explains how to properly use reflection as a tool for emotional well-being. Her three ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ are best practices to help energetically release what no longer serves you this fall season so you’re ready to #SpiralUp come spring.

Many people don’t know how to use reflection for their highest benefit,” states Fullerton. “It can be a powerful tool in changing the body’s chemistry and reducing emotional reactivity—like anger, anxiety, or burnout—at a lasting and cellular level.”

First, instead of reflecting on the activity, person, or external situation, Fullerton advises to become aware of your feelings associated with a stressful event. This reduces tendencies to blame or judge others, avoiding a common emotional pitfall that keeps your mind and body chemistry feeling like you are reliving the pain and stress you want to avoid! Reflection’s superpower is in shifting away from blame and becoming a self-observer of your emotions.  Then, you’re ready for these Do’s and Don’ts when using reflection as a personal growth tool:

  • Do: Search for Emotion Wheels on the internet and become familiar with different emotions.
    We can only change what we’re aware of, so increasing your emotional understanding is the first step to creating deeper change.  

    Don’t: Stop at finding just one emotion without going deeper. Continue past the main feelings of anger, fear, grief, or sadness to expand self-discovery. (Ex: Discovering your anger is really about feeling left out.)

  • Do: Feel and express those emotions through a personal emotional release activity.
    Don’t: Overthink it or feel pressured to practice something that isn’t fun for you to do!
    If you dread journaling then listen to music, cook, or garden—enjoying what you do with the intention of releasing emotion is more effective than the activity (or healing modality).
  • Do: Let reflection carry you to other memories to uncover emotional energy patterns.
    As in science, more data provides more information to find correlations to limiting beliefs. Ask yourself, “When have I felt these emotions before?” to prompt other memories.
    Don’t:  Bypass the emotional process and jump to what you ‘think’ are your limiting beliefs!  Emotions fuel the mind, but the mind can’t outthink emotions. “It is the emotions that link mind and body,” said neuroscientist and author of Molecules of Emotion, Dr. Candace Pert.

It’s easy to push down emotions or avoid them, but they are the catalyst to well-being because they’re the common thread between seemingly separate situations. Fullerton explains, “Every light fixture in your home is not independent of the main fuse box, but until you learn how energy works it would appear they are. It’s the same with our nervous system; it’s our emotional fuse box connecting all our seemingly separate experiences in life.” This is why using reflection based on what you’re feeling enhances self-discovery, making it easier to let go of limiting beliefs this Autumn and fall into aligning with your own nature.  

About Karen Fullerton:

Karen Fullerton is a professional speaker and Amazon best-seller for her first book, Sergei’s Eyes, Reflections of Soul Lessons. Her mission is to help women flourish and #SpiralUp by talking about emotional well-being as a driver for mental wellness and overall happiness. Her free resource, Don’t Overthink has helped thousands of women realize how important emotions are to improve mindfulness and personal growth.  

Karen’s certification and quantum energy education in The LifeLine Technique® incorporates 14 Eastern and Western approaches to holistic wellness which she integrates with her 2002 Reiki Master/Teacher certification. With more than 20 years in business as a former marketing executive, entrepreneur, and nonprofit founder, Karen continues teaching business in higher education. Her passion is to help people integrate their personal energy with sound business strategies to create an inertia of momentum toward success.