About Karen...

Danced in 1996 Super Bowl, entrepreneur, pet & coffee lover… 

CMO & multi-entrepreneur (click + to expand)

I spent 20+ years in corporate marketing roles—from software development to higher education including the University of Michigan—before I started Indigo Blue Marketing in 2002. I found my real passion and founded The Sergei Foundation in 2009, reaching seven figures in public gifts in just four years.

Intuitive leader and energy worker

Since 2002 I’ve studied energy. I am certified as a Reiki Master Teacher and Certified LifeLine® Practitioner, but I used to keep this side of me separate from my career. That is until I realized that was the reason my growth stagnated! When I began integrating both limiting beliefs cleared as well as the energy of emotions behind them. 

Teacher, speaker, fun facts

Since 2011 I’ve also taught business and marketing as an adjunct professor for higher education. Teaching seated courses acted as my “stage” for public speaking over the years, but I’d say my speaking experience technically started earlier than that; I also taught Hip Hop and Jazz dance as well as fitness classes where I honed the skills of motivating a room and seamlessly delivering proper timing of cues! (Fun fact: I was a dancer that performed in the 1996 Super Bowl to the Doobie Brothers’ song, China Grove.)

Pets, nature, food, and more!

I’ve always been connected to nature, conservancy, and pets. My first dog, Sergei, inspired the founding of his namesake charity. Its mission is to save pets’ lives for low-income families while instilling hope and a renewed faith in humanity through compassion.

I enjoy vegetarian food and a glass of red wine, the beach, and quiet time with my husband, Phillip and our own pets.

Don’t give up. Spiral Up.

Too many women and service-oriented entrepreneurs feel like giving up on their dreams. They lose faith in themselves because results aren’t equaling their efforts and burnout sets in. I know I did! 

I didn’t always integrate energy principles in my executive or entrepreneurial business career, even as a quantum energy practitioner. I’m not talking Law of Attraction or the power of positive thinking. In fact, these masculine principles are only half of the equation, and why I experienced entrepreneurial struggles.

My determination and independent nature as a Gen Xer resisted anything other than the power of the mind as the only driver of success! Even with my 4.0 GPA in business and entrepreneurial mindset…

It took the closing of my marketing business and filing bankruptcy before I allowed feminine energy principles, spirituality, and a bit of physics to co-create my strategy for my most fulfilling success: Founder of The Sergei Foundation—a nonprofit organization raising more than 1 million dollars to save the lives of more than 5,000 pets for lower-income families. 

It’s now my passion to help other women SPIRAL UP and flourish so they, too, can go from wanting to give up to going strong. By learning how to create inertia to replace force,  you will naturally feel more freedom, harmony, and happiness along the way to success.