Karen Fullerton

Transformational Teacher & Healer

My goal is to be  InSPIRITational® and facilitate positive change.

About Karen

Whether through speaking or individual healing, I ignite something within others that can only be explained as the difference between short-lived inspiration and soul-level inSPIRITation®.

It’s a simple concept, yet not necessarily easy. Think of juggling. You have three balls that represent body, mind, and spirit. Each ball can be held, thrown, and handled individually. Yet the momentum, the energy of continual movement and true beauty comes when you learn to work with them all at once by mastering the technique of simultaneous integration, balance, and awareness.

Why do I do this? Because I’ve been there myself. Inspiration faded many times as I succumbed to emotional reactiveness or self-doubt. Seemingly “common” life events such as being a child of divorce and family deaths created an energy pattern of abandonment.  

As a result, emotional energy created limiting beliefs expressing as masks to please others. Mine was the “good girl” persona, always the cheerleader (literally, too).  

This affected nearly all of my relationships over the years, especially from boyfriends to family estrangement to being fired. This happened despite my intelligence, a 4.0 GPA in my MBA program, high drive to succeed, and some pretty impressive business achievements, including starting a nonprofit called The Sergei Foundation in 2009 which I still run today. I say this not to boast but to show that there is more to the puzzle than mental will.

Perplexed why my own energy and integrative body work seemed short-lived, I became discouraged and turned away from my spiritual development and Reiki for a while. Then in 2018, Quantum Healing and Physics changed my life.

Integrating this with my business acumen and re-incorporating my energy work education, results were phenomenal and nearly instant. My intuitive abilities soared. My marriage improved, my joint pain was gone, my career goals took off to a new level, and I thrived through life’s changes instead of exhausting my energy to survive.

So, what is inSPIRITation? Sustainable inspiration. This is what I passionately teach; how to design your own life’s progression from your mind, body, and emotions simultaneously to stay motivated without forcing yourself to do so. And, to obtain results that this level of emotional resiliency achieves.


It’s my passion to help…

Do you wish you weren't as emotionally reactive?

Are you tired of not being seen or heard in life?

Do you have a dream or vision but fear takes your front seat?

Does following your passion feel more like a chore?

Do you inspire easily yet it's short-lived? Not knowing how to proceed?

Are you disappointed with results after following someone else's "blueprint" for success? Or, don't enjoy the process?

A bit more personally:

CMO & multi-entrepreneur (click + to expand)

I spent my first 20 years after undergrad in corporate marketing roles, from software development to higher education including the University of Michigan.  I started Indigo Blue Marketing in 2002. After three years of winning ADDYs, small business of the year and facilitating Sarasota’s Economic Development’s Creative Cluster, I was inSPIRITed to move onward! Founded 501c3 The Sergei Foundation in 2009, reaching six figures in public gifts in just four years.

Learning Lesson: Most people believe they are afraid of failure. Many say our greatest fear is success. The truth is, we are most afraid of self-discovery to transform fear and heal the core limiting beliefs that create a glass ceiling and scarcity mindset. We perceive what we believe; let me help you energetically heal and shift your beliefs for success and align them with your highest purpose and heart-space.

Energetic catalyst and intuitive guide

Since 2002, I utilize various holistic certifications and intuition for individual energy sessions but also incorporate it into my teaching for how limiting beliefs and unprocessed emotions and memories affect our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. It’s been scientifically proven through epigenetics that trauma and memories can be passed down for up to 16 generations. The trauma may not be yours, but only you have the ability to heal it. 

What exactly is an energetic catalyst? Every person has a certain energy or signature calling card — like a fingerprint — each unique to their energy and talents. My energy signature compassionately “stirs stagnancy” for those who are ready for positive change, inspiring action.  I received my Reiki Master and Teacher certification in 2002 and my Certified LifeLine Practitioner designation in 2019 as a student of Dr. Darren Weissman (as seen on Netflix documentary HEAL). 

Learning Lesson: Science and the biology of the body and beliefs are no longer suited to be separated from what we all are made of… energy! Regardless of how you connect to oneness, a universally accepted frequency of love can increase awareness, conscious growth and break through stagnation.

Teacher, speaker, fun facts

I am an adjunct professor for higher education, teaching various business courses and ethics since 2011. Teaching seated courses has been my “stage” for public speaking over the years, although I now teach these courses solely online. (Fun fact: I was asked to speak at my MBA commencement for Gardner-Webb University in North Carolina. I spoke on Elle Woods in Legally Blonde; a bold but successful comparison story on breaking through stereotypes.)    

I like to say my first speaking job came in 1997 when I began teaching fitness classes. So much more than performing and leading physical activity, this is where I honed the skills of directing, motivating a room, and seamless delivery of proper timing of cues! I continued fitness instruction and taught dance classes in various studios through 2007. (Fun fact: I was a dancer that performed in the 1996 Super Bowl XXX pre-game show to the Doobie Brothers song, China Grove.)

Learning Lesson: Keeping a wireless mic on while taking a bathroom break from instructing a dance class at the YMCA forces humility :). Seriously, it was an unforgettable teachable moment of how people soften when you show some vulnerability and connect with them on a real-life, “I’m only human” level.  


Water (Italy!), pets, nature, food, and more!

You will always see pictures of me with my pets! My dog Sydney is with me on my home page. My previous dog, Sergei, inspired the founding of his namesake charity. It’s mission is to save pets lives for low income families while instilling hope and a renewed faith in humanity through compassion. My love of pets started early; I was born into a household with a German Shephard whom I lovingly took naps with (I was told) when I was just a baby.

Nature, trees, ocean… all call to me and is where I go to think clearly, release tension, and become inspirited for myself. This connection is why my husband and I moved to be by water and why we always travel with water in mind – from cruises to our gondola ride in Venice, Italy.  I’m so connected to living water and this wonderful element that teaches to go with the flow. (Oh, and we also got married on a cruise ship!).  Follow me on Instagram for my water messages. 

Lastly, I love a good vegetarian meal and glass of wine or sake. My husband, Phillip, I must admit is the chef of our household. He is a pianist and teaches online piano lessons from our home studio; I love hearing his music as I work from home.

Learning Lesson: Well, I have 14 of them listed in my book Sergei’s Eyes, Reflections of Soul Lessons 🙂 But mainly, connect daily to what you love and what you love will connect with you.