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& business workshops.

An INSPIRITATIONAL® Teacher for Transformative Change.

Is your goal to have a motivational speaker that is inspirational for one session? Or, would you prefer a teacher that self-empowers inspiritational® change long after your event?

I represent the latter.  Inspiration fades. The definition of inspired means “arising from external impulse.” We cannot sustain what is separate from us, which is why so often our initial excitement fades after the conference without seeing lasting results in behavior or mindfulness.

Thus the title inspiritational speaker. The difference? Self-empowerment and the sustainable drive for positive change long after your event or conference.

Previous Speaking Overview (click to expand)
  • Keynote speaker for women's success summits
  • Workshop speaker and presenter for youth career camps
  • Motivational speaker for university graduation

Prior to professional speaking, I was the designated spokesperson for  career positions with The University of Michigan, General Growth Properties, and as Founder of The Sergei Foundation.

Being a lecturer as an adjunct business professor for eleven years certainly honed my story-telling skills! Although, truth be told, I probably had the most fun as the Emcee for DogGames(tm) events because of my love of pets.

My next speaking event is March 12, 2022 at the Florida Creativity Conference.



Emotional Resilience: The New Optimism

The world needs more than optimism to progress in today's reactive world. The pandemic exposed this gap: How the old “grind and grit” of mental and physical determination alone no longer lead to life balance or satisfying success.

There's a yearning for more, and I teach audiences how to leverage the power of their mind with personal energy and emotional awareness. Emotions aren't meant to derail or detour life and business dreams, they're meant to transform them.  

Let’s face it. “Fake-it-til-you-make-it” strategies have fallen short, especially for women leaders. Emotional burnout is more prevalent than ever, even with a rise in mental wellness awareness and positive thinking. The power of our thoughts is limited by the even more powerful pull of our emotions, something society has conditioned us to view as separate from success… until now.

Leveling up inspiration to Inspiritation®
Inner Transformation occurs when students, employees, entrepreneurs, and leaders—in work or as CEO's of their own lives—learn to leverage the energy of their emotions to align with the power of the mind. This is the I and the T that changes the word itself, but more importantly leads to:

  • Self-sustaining motivation
  • Improved creativity
  • Achieving goals faster and more efficiently
  • Elevated relationship dynamics

Each keynote is customized by weaving in experiences as CEO and Founder of
The Sergei Foundation nonprofit, business and soul learning lessons, and wayfinding stories unique for your audience and theme. This creates a bespoke experience!