Quantum Energy Work

Self-Paced, Online Course

Emotions are your soul’s unique language, and your guide to
FEELING EXCITED about your FUTURE again!

7-Insights to Emotional Wellness Course

Does anxiety, burnout, or depression come back time after time?

Experimenting with self-improvement methods with the hope of feeling more joy, connection, and empowerment—even success in your entrepreneurial business—but none hit the mark.

Are you tired of masking yourself for others? Or don't know the real you?

Faking confidence or a “different you” to the outside world when your true self is scared, anxious, or filled with debilitating self-doubt.

Does following your purpose or passion feel more like a chore?

Instead of waking up excited for life and the day’s events, you feel defeated and ready to give up your dream.

Do you wish you weren't as emotionally reactive?

The good news? This unrest is (dare I say) wonderful! It’s a sign you’re ready to create a relationship with your emotions; their frequencies are chemical and are the foundational link to mental and physical well-being.

With Seven Insights to Emotional Wellness, you’ll learn the process of working with your unique energetic frequency imprints. The result? 

Go from Ready to Give Up to Getting Your Groove Back!

Course Benefits

Emotional Wellness means not having to talk yourself into a better mood! Benefits are as unique as your DNA is unique to you. However, the objective is to:

Experience quicker results in your self-healing and emotional wellbeing.

Recognize your fake-it-to-make-it tactics and stop the cycle.

Sustain your inspiration with less up & down rollercoaster moments.

Feel more of your soul shine through via excitement for life!

Course Details:

Karen is a transformational teacher. This course integrates basic principles of energy, physics, and biology. Each insight has a self-exercise to activate your unique emotional healing. Don’t worry, you don’t have to want to become a scientist (or even be good at it)! Just a desire to feel better.  If you’re ready to take your power back, this course is for you!    

Content is dripped over 7 days, but take it at your own pace. Each of the emotional insight modules includes: 

  • Karen’s subject introduction video (3-10 minutes long)
  • Transformational Teaching Lesson (Reading 2-5 pages) 
  • Energetic self-exercise to put the energy into motion


  • Bonus music and guided meditation downloads
  • 30-minute 1:1 Q&A with Karen on course content

You can’t outthink an emotional trigger. Ever. 

Emotions are energetic frequencies that chemically influence you, providing either momentum or stagnation energy. Which are you experiencing? Read Karen’s complimentary e-book, “Don’t Overthink” to understand how emotions are the key to your well-being.