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Empower Yourself with a Session

“Every time you’re tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.”
~ Dr. Deepok Chopra

Feel It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

Whether you feel stuck in a relationship or job, or simply put… life isn’t what you’d choose, Karen teaches how to reset “you.”  

Ava R.: “EFT is like a bandaid compared to this”

I was a hot mess when I met Karen. My attachment system was activated by a traumatic relationship situation that was toxic and soul-crushing. I was literally committable. In one session with her, my rage, obsession, and lashing out essentially ended in 90 minutes. I...

Shawna: I Feel From My Heart Again!

Years of heart silence shifted in my 2-hour session! As a woman who had traumatic abuse as a child, I learned well to "keep it hidden, keep it safe," which only kept the trauma alive in me and silenced my heart song for so long. With Karen's gentle yet powerful...

Asha Wise: “Tranforming Revelation”

Working with Karen was amazing for me. She honed in exactly on two events that took place in my childhood that were blocking me in my present life. She helped me realize what they were and to get past them. My life has improved after our session. In fact, the other...

Karen Laos: “I Feel Free!”

"I found myself emotionally reactive to a contractor I hired for my speaking business. I felt both dismissed and unheard as she was like a moving train with her agenda... Working with Karen, I realized why I was triggered: this...

Lisa DeSpain: “Life-changing”

"My Lifeline and coaching sessions with Karen have been life-changing. I’ve been feeling a lack of purpose for a while, now that my husband and I are empty-nesters. Lately, my business hasn’t been all that exciting either, and it...

Melanie: Thank you!

Quote: "I wanted to let you know I'm feeling so much better! I don't know what you did exactly, but it lightened the load a whole bunch. I can't believe I feel this way after being so debilitated by this - walking around like a zombie. Crying all the time. Not wanting...

Tanya: “Emotional Family Healing”

"Tyson (my dog) and I both had sessions revolving around family healing. Just two days after my session, my son and I saw my mom. I would rate my overall emotional experience with her a 9.5 out of 10! My previous best experience in the last 10 years had been a 6 at...

Glenda Hoon: “Empowering”

"I was feeling very unmotivated when it came to growing my new business, as well as lazy, guilty, and had low self-worth. Karen targeted in on areas where I've been struggling outside of my work, specifically with family and safety/security areas. Wow, I had no idea...

Hector: “Feeling Peaceful”

Karen is the ultimate professional. She took me through a session with amazing patience and passion. She explained every step and made me feel the center of the world for the duration of the session leaving me feel such a peaceful feeling at the end! I loved the fact...

“You are your greatest resource!”

Individual Sessions

Experience an individual session! The testimonials on this page speak to the powerful quantum energy approaches, techniques, and inspiritational® paradigm I use in my one-on-one quantum sessions. As a Certified LifeLine Practitioner, Reiki Master, and intuitive, all sessions are bespoke. I guarantee progress with one session because it’s completely targeted to your bio energetic healing. The time has come to own your power to transform and heal yourself.  It’s my passion to teach you HOW to tap into your innate expert within.

INSPIRITATIONAL® LIVING, a Live and Online course AUGUST 6 & 7.

Are you or your clients drowning in… Emotional reaction? Anxiety? Overwhelm?  The Master in this Master Class is YOU. Get ready to take your power back in this 8-hour course, spread over two days.

Positive thinking alone may actually be holding you back (and your clients) without realizing it (Don’t Overthink!). Knowing when you’re emotionally triggered isn’t enough to shift the reactions from repeating. That freedom lies within, and I’m honored to help you access it. 

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Feel free from distress and think more clearly.
  • Shift anxiety, overwhelm, and emotional reactions and change behavioral and biological stress patterns.
  • Interpret your nervous system’s natural feedback—symptoms, emotional reaction, and negative self-talk—for root emotional causes.
  • Reignite the benefits you loved from holistic modalities and philosophies that seem to have stopped giving you the relief you need. 
  • Learn Dr. Weissman’s LifeLine® Ignite process for self-healing and become certified to use as a collaborative tool in your own practice.
  • And more, including MRT and neuro-emotional release techniques.