Helping Women Flourish &

  spiral up

helpiNG AUDIENCESTransform Struggles
TO fuel success. 

Are you frustrated? Losing faith in your dream? Feel like giving up because optimism alone is no longer enough? 

I help women entrepreneurs INTEGRATE energy principles with business strategy to create momentum for success. 

You, too, can reach your dream faster while feeling more … 

Freedom, Harmony, and Happiness 

“On behalf of SheFactor and our community of women, I would like to highly recommend Karen Fullerton as a speaker for your organization. She spoke for our SheCares Summit, and it was one of the most highly attended in our virtual conference. Karen is not only a great speaker, but also a great connector and will help in any way she can to make the event a success. 

~ Dacia Henshaw, VP Operations SheFactor

when optimism alone is no longer enough...

 Level up inspiration to


It's the quantum energetic and biological methodology to spiral up! You have higher purpose—inspired to serve others on your soul-led, entrepreneurial path. What happens when burnout, frustration, and the desire to give up threaten to derail it?

Karen helps audiences understand WHY optimism isn't working for them like it once did, and HOW to change the trajectory of their path to reach their dream faster and heal along the way.

Karen reframes what it means to feel more:


Emotional freedom and free from what’s been holding you back from success.


Between strategy and results, & between your mind’s desire and how you really feel.


Naturally feel joy! No need to “fake it to make it” or external searching.

searching for Deeper Healing?

experience lasting change & emotionally reset in 1 session.

Karen facilitates DNA-level energy processes to help women with burnout, anxiety, and debilitating patterns gain emotional freedom and… 

Spiral Up Burnout to Burning Brightly 

“The work you do is deep and difficult to categorize. I’m finding the experience still sinking in! I applaud your skill and your intuition; you manage to create a quick but deep energetic and subconscious release without content or backstory. It amazes me! Your session was foundational for getting to the true ‘core’ of the issue and tied together pieces from other modalities and therapy.” 

~ JoAnna Brandi, Certified Chief Happiness Officer and Creative Entrepreneur

Meet Karen Fullerton

I’m a speaker, author, energy catalyst, and multi-entrepreneur.

Too many women and service-oriented entrepreneurs feel like giving up on their dreams. It’s my passion to help you SPIRAL UP and flourish by guiding how to integrate personal energy with business strategy, adding momentum—not just movement— to your path.

Even with more than 20 years as a quantum energy practitioner and former marketing executive, I didn’t always integrate both. When I did, my efforts gained inertia: I founded The Sergei Foundation, successfully leading it for thirteen years and raising more than 1 MILLION dollars to save the lives of 5,000+ pets for lower-income families.

Energy directed me in a new direction, again. This time, as a transformational speaker to help others energetically align their passion with their entrepreneurial drive. 

Energy principles + business strategy = momentum for success.