Hi, I’m Karen.

Transformational teacher & speaker


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From speaking at gradutation ceremonies to leading conference workshops and breakout sessions, I love to motivate, teach, and inspire. I help women learn to use emotions as tools to move them forward, instead of as anchors that hold them back. 

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I fully support the “give someone a fish, they eat for a day; teach them to fish, they eat for life” approach. Learn how to heal yourself, become emotionally and mentally resilient, and step into truly feeling happy, confident, and empowered without having to talk yourself into it #disrupt fakeit to makeit!

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I’m a seasoned energy worker, Reiki Master Teacher, and Certified LifeLine® Practitioner.

With more than 20 years of honing my energy healing and intuitive skills, I use multiple sciences and energetic modalities for a completely bespoke experience. Sessions are conversationally based to spark empowerment in your own healing!

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In April 2022, I was honored to be a bestselling author in a collaborative book called, Invisible No More: Stepping Into the Spotlight. Amazon ranked it the number one international bestseller in Australia and ranked #1 in six bestselling categories in the United States  (including Inspirational/Spiritual, Women’s Inspirational, and New Age).

I self-published my book, Sergei’s Eyes, Reflections of Soul Lessons in 2016, a compilation of stories and lessons to feed the emotional soul through a dog’s eyes.

Currently looking for the “right” agent for my next book, inSPIRITation®,  The Law of Entrainment’s Affect on Positive Thinking (Why Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work for Me!) and for my children’s picturebook manuscript, Clara’s Conundrum (a spider’s story of self-acceptance).



keep your determination, transform the struggle.


You have a higher purpose—inspired to serve others on your soul led path. So what do you do with the intense feelings of frustration, overwhelm, disappointment, fear, or (insert emotion here) on the journey toward your dreams?

Emotions influence beliefs, not the other way around.

I teach how to sustain motivation and become emotionally resilient by up leveling inspiration to inSPIRITation—an approach based on spirituality,energy, physics, and personal awareness that aligns your reality with your heart's desire.

Feeling better takes more than positive thinking.
Joy is your natural state… 
Let me light your way to emotional freedom. 

You’re a leader, determined to succeed, and yet…

You don’t truly feel the same as the positive intentions you set for yourself. Thoughts are powerful, but it’s the energy of your emotions that overrides your mind’s best intentions. Success doesn’t have to come with sacrifice or talking yourself into feeling confident, empowered, and happy when you can naturally feel that way. Disrupt the outdated belief that your mind fully controls your destiny. This is the secret to success in business and in life. 

I’m here for you, your clients or employees, as a transformational speaker/teacher.
I’m more than a motivational speaker
I educate. Twelve years as a higher education instructor taught me how to take an audience beyond a temporary uplift and provide takeaways to carry for life. This is the inspiritational® approach, teaching how to sustain personal and professional motivation through energy awareness.

As founder of The Sergei Foundation and former marketing strategist, I share with others, especially women, how to be successful, too. There is no one “blueprint” for success; it’s created from within, the Inner Transformation (IT) that up levels inspiration to inSPIRITation.   

Activate self-healing and learn new tools for your coaching, therapy or bodywork professions.
I teach a step-by-step approach to process emotions, clear limiting beliefs, and remove energy cords so you (and your clients) see deeper results at a faster rate. I’m a bespoke energy practitioner, teaching how to intuitively and skillfully bridge science, physics, and energy modalities to create flow in business, relationships, and life. Where energy flows, life flows. 

A guide to emotional resiliency.

You want to break free of emotional overreaction so you can enjoy life and feel balanced and centered. But nothing seems to be getting you there, right?

This quick-read e-book will provide a basic understanding of why disruptive emotions may be ruling your world, even with your most positive mindset.

It includes my 5 w’s exercise: Become aware of your emotional drivers to begin shifting away from triggered reactions or more quickly recover from them. 

"Karen is a powerhouse! Your life will be profoundly enhanced by working with her; she is aligned in her purpose and choosing to shine. I highly recommend her."

~Dr. Darren Weissman, Developer of The LifeLine Technique®

"Very engaging speaker! Karen is an excellent story-teller.  She is a teacher at heart, and is a welcome host on my radio blog, C-view."

~Claudia Pureco, Producer C-view

"Karen is absolutely amazing. Her words engage and tap into inner energy sources. Listening to her, I felt completely reconnected to my purpose and myself. Highly recommended!"

~Tina M., Audience Participant