True Nature

    Helping pets, places, & people heal & flourish.

Hi, I’m Karen

Certified Quantum Energy, reiki, & intuitive  guide and healing Practitioner

Unlock Your True Nature: Growth, Healing, and Success.

You are nature. Your pet is nature. Your home is an extension of your energy. Let’s reconnect with the powerful force within and around you. I guide individuals and their animal companions on a journey of self-discovery and vibrant living.

I’ve always been a catalyst for growth. First as a marketing executive, then as a non-profit founder advocating for pet health, and now as a spiritual coach and emotional energy specialist.

Pets & animals

 Animals need emotional processing, too! Karen helps your pet  through stubborn behavior patterns or physical issues. Imagine shifting your pet’s deep-seated emotions from unresolved trauma—from this life, past, or generational. Far from a temporary fix, the biology and energy centers of your pet (and yours, too!) transform out of subconscious holds for lasting change.

land & home

Land and home reflect and influence your energy – they’re extensions of you. In just one session, Karen can clear lingering historical imprints or the effects of land degradation, even those resistant to smudging or feng shui. Experience a dramatic shift: improved mood, a deeper sense of peace and belonging, and even fewer repair needs in your home or land. 


Empowerment and joy flow naturally within you, mirroring nature’s essence. Karen, lovingly called a force of nature herself, guides your self-discovery through online courses, talks, and writing. Her gentle challenge: embrace your inner strength and trust your intuition to find spiritual alignment, emotional freedom, and hear the call of your true nature.

My Approach

spiral up with nature’s wisdom

Harness the power of your INNATE nature for deep healing and restorative balance. I use the elements of fire, earth, metal, water, wood, and air and their respective emotions—along with chakra work to guide emotional resets and reset trauma patterns. 

Nature knows how to be peaceful and joyful without pretense. That is your essential nature, too! My healing sessions are heart-focused toward pets… land… and homes. Elevate their well-being, and elevate the energy of those who live with… on… or in them!

Coursework, motivational comedy, speaking, and my books are focused on elevating consciousness to “heal thyself” first and foremost. Empowerment is the foundation of spiritual alignment and emotional freedom. (Mentoring & energy work are available for coursework students.)


healing sessions

1:1 Bespoke quantum energy sessions wtih pets, places, and people. 

self-growth course

Seven Insights to Emotional Wellbeing is your catalyst to EMPOWER your self-healing.


From teaching workshops and conference breakouts to motivational comedy sets! 


Published author, blog writer, and free resources to help you emotionally heal. 

Client Results


On behalf of SheFactor and our community of women, I highly recommend Karen Fullerton as a speaker for your organization. Karen is one of the most organized and thoughtful individuals out there. She put together a beautiful workshop for our SheCares Summit, and it was one of the most highly attended conference sessions. 

Dacia Henshaw

VP Operations

Lisa DeSpain: “Life-changing”

"My Lifeline and coaching sessions with Karen have been life-changing. I’ve been feeling a lack of purpose for a while, now that my husband and I are empty-nesters. Lately, my business hasn’t been all that exciting either, and it...

Tyson – “Emotional Family Healing”

"Tyson (my dog) and I both had sessions revolving around family healing. Just two days after my session, my son and I saw my mom. I would rate my overall emotional experience with her a 9.5 out of 10! My previous best experience in the last 10 years had been a 6 at...

Karen Laos: “I Feel Free!”

"I found myself emotionally reactive to a contractor I hired for my speaking business. I felt both dismissed and unheard as she was like a moving train with her agenda... Working with Karen, I realized why I was triggered: this...

Shawna: I Feel From My Heart Again!

Years of heart silence shifted in my 2-hour session! As a woman who had traumatic abuse as a child, I learned well to "keep it hidden, keep it safe," which only kept the trauma alive in me and silenced my heart song for so long. With Karen's gentle yet powerful...

River – “You Saved His Life…”

The basic changes in him are significant! He is MUCH more personable - he literally trots or even canters up to me when I go to catch him. (But it makes my heart sing every time!) You literally saved River's life AND gave me peace of mind. I don't cry when I handle...

JoAnna: “Deep and foundational shifts”

The work you do is deep and difficult to categorize. I’m finding the experience still sinking in! I applaud your skill and your intuition; you manage to create a quick but deep energetic and subconscious release without content or backstory. It amazes me! If I had to...

Hector: “Feeling Peaceful”

Karen is the ultimate professional. She took me through a session with amazing patience and passion. She explained every step and made me feel the center of the world for the duration of the session leaving me feel such a peaceful feeling at the end! I loved the fact...

Ava R.: “EFT is like a bandaid compared to this”

I was a hot mess when I met Karen. My attachment system was activated by a traumatic relationship situation that was toxic and soul-crushing. I was literally committable. In one session with her, my rage, obsession, and lashing out essentially ended in 90 minutes. I...

Max – “We’re back to nightly cuddles!”

Max and I are back to nightly cuddles and daily walks, and the biggest change is he is playing with his brother Louie now! The night after our session I woke up and guess who was laying next to me? 🙂 I learned SO much about him and myself. Amazing work!  Full...

Wally – “Much More Affectionate!”

Wally is as happy and affectionate as ever. He hasn't urinated upstairs! He still keeps to the basement a lot, but working on that  ~Julie J., New York

Melanie: Thank you!

I can't believe I feel so good after being so debilitated before, crying all the time. Not wanting to live. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I don't know what you did exactly, but it lightened the load a whole bunch.  I see possibility finally after many, many...

Vanessa – “One AMAZED L.A. Realtor!”

After 4 months without any interest, my listing sold two days after a session with Karen;  it was even remote!  I was so amazed at her ability to tap into the house, get to the root of the energetic issue of why it wasn’t selling, and transform it once and for all. It...

Aideen – “So rewarding!”

Karen is a force of nature! (In a good way.) She held space but kept me responsible for my own healing. Truthfully, that was challenging, but so rewarding after I had time to process it.    ~Aideen Ni Riada, Michigan Intuitive Mentor & Voice Coach    

Glenda Hoon: “Empowering”

"I was feeling very unmotivated when it came to growing my new business, as well as lazy, guilty, and had low self-worth. Karen targeted in on areas where I've been struggling outside of my work, specifically with family and safety/security areas. Wow, I had no idea...

Asha Wise: “Tranforming Revelation”

Working with Karen was amazing for me. She honed in exactly on two events that took place in my childhood that were blocking me in my present life. She helped me realize what they were and to get past them. My life has improved after our session. In fact, the other...

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I highly recommend Karen’s course! I struggled with anxiety and went looking for a strategy to reprogram my patterns. Now I’m inspired to help others do the same; it revitalized me! Karen is an amazing teacher, and her 1:1 after the course ensures questions are answered. On a personal note, she’s very approachable and nurturing.

Laura Lanford

Course Student

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