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So what is an energetic catalyst?  Everyone has an energy calling card—like a fingerprint—each unique to their talents. Mine compassionately “stirs stagnancy,” igniting inSPIRITation® to move you out of indecision, complacency, or from feeling stuck.

 Heart Ka·​lei·​do·​scope:

Diverse collection.

Succession of changing patterns.

I guide and motivate others to feel soul-led purpose as 
revealed through the heart’s view of life’s patterns.

Marketing expert and CEO and Founder of The Sergei Foundation,  I speak how adding heart to the mind’s relentless drive is how I discovered the secret of inspiration (hint: why it fades!) and teach how to level up to inSPIRITation.



Two letters and a viewpoint convert inspiration into a totally new mindset and a new word, inSPIRITation®; a philosophy that’s the catalyst for heart-led, soulful change and self-growth.

A Higher Perspective
My background as a marketing strategist  taught me to see the big picture. As a gifted communicator, I’m able to lead the audience from big-concept lessons through to comprehensible step by step takeaways to sustain their motivation long after the event or conference.    

As a Gemini, I love Storytelling
I light-up connecting through conversation and teaching via my life stories, challenges and resulting triumphs as a wayshower for others. As only a Gemini can be, I’m both calm and energetic, patient yet direct, funny while professional.

Energy trumps it all
As a former “good girl” when it came to pleasing my parents after divorce,  that became my subconscious mask through my 30s.  My stories enlighten on the energetic masks we wear,  specifically on the defense mechanism of perfectionism, why energy of past experiences trump what you actually say, of course there’s the role of the heart over mind and… so much more. Everything is energy, and the heart is key in transforming life, healing 
limiting beliefs, and transforming through  struggles, trauma, and stagnancy. 


See Karen on Fox News and other interviews as a spokesperson for The Sergei Foundation, ending with a tidbit of her graduation speech at Gardner-Webb University’s commencement. As we work on adding more public speaking videos, please visit the Speaking page for topics and one-sheets. Or, reach out directly.

“Karen is a powerhouse! Your life will be profoundly enhanced by working with her; she is aligned in her purpose and choosing to shine. I highly recommend her.”

~Dr. Darren Weissman, Developer of The LifeLine Technique®

“Very engaging speaker! Karen is an excellent story-teller.  She is a teacher at heart, and is a welcome host on my radio blog, C-view.

~Claudia Pureco, Producer C-view

“Karen is absolutely amazing. Her words engage and tap into inner energy sources. Listening to her, I felt completely reconnected to my purpose and myself. Highly recommended!”

~Tina M., client

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Our stories and moments are what unite us all in life. You’ve felt it… the instant kinship when we emotionally connect with someone who is being authentic, maybe a bit vulnerable!  (We learn it’s okay not to be perfect.)