Quantum Energy Work

Empower Your Healing with a Session or Course

“Emotions are your personal morse code. Understanding their meaning increases communication between your mind and heart. Like language did for humanity, this spurs your soul’s evolution.”              ~ Karen Fullerton

Are Emotions Pulling Against Your Best Mindfulness Practices?

Stop faking it to make it. Naturally FEEL the way want instead of continually talking yourself into it. Emotional freedom is not obtained through a positive mindset or spiritual practices alone. It needs a different approach.

Welcome to quantum energy healing meets Reiki—the integration of spirituality and biology. Karen empowers you on your healing journey by bridging consciousness with the subconscious for
faster, more effective results.


Activate Your Inner Expert: You Have Everything You Need…

JoAnna: “Deep and foundational shifts”

The work you do is deep and difficult to categorize. I’m finding the experience still sinking in! I applaud your skill and your intuition; you manage to create a quick but deep energetic and subconscious release without content or backstory. It amazes me! If I had to...

Laura L.: “Karen’s course transformed my thought patterns!”

I highly recommend Karen's "Living Inspiritationally" course! It transformed my thought patterns and put me in such a positive headspace. I was struggling with anxiety and after her course, I was revitalized!  I went in looking for a strategy to reprogram my thought...

Ava R.: “EFT is like a bandaid compared to this”

I was a hot mess when I met Karen. My attachment system was activated by a traumatic relationship situation that was toxic and soul-crushing. I was literally committable. In one session with her, my rage, obsession, and lashing out essentially ended in 90 minutes. I...

Shawna: I Feel From My Heart Again!

Years of heart silence shifted in my 2-hour session! As a woman who had traumatic abuse as a child, I learned well to "keep it hidden, keep it safe," which only kept the trauma alive in me and silenced my heart song for so long. With Karen's gentle yet powerful...

Asha Wise: “Tranforming Revelation”

Working with Karen was amazing for me. She honed in exactly on two events that took place in my childhood that were blocking me in my present life. She helped me realize what they were and to get past them. My life has improved after our session. In fact, the other...

Karen Laos: “I Feel Free!”

"I found myself emotionally reactive to a contractor I hired for my speaking business. I felt both dismissed and unheard as she was like a moving train with her agenda... Working with Karen, I realized why I was triggered: this...

Lisa DeSpain: “Life-changing”

"My Lifeline and coaching sessions with Karen have been life-changing. I’ve been feeling a lack of purpose for a while, now that my husband and I are empty-nesters. Lately, my business hasn’t been all that exciting either, and it...

Melanie: Thank you!

Quote: "I wanted to let you know I'm feeling so much better! I don't know what you did exactly, but it lightened the load a whole bunch. I can't believe I feel this way after being so debilitated by this - walking around like a zombie. Crying all the time. Not wanting...

Tanya: “Emotional Family Healing”

"Tyson (my dog) and I both had sessions revolving around family healing. Just two days after my session, my son and I saw my mom. I would rate my overall emotional experience with her a 9.5 out of 10! My previous best experience in the last 10 years had been a 6 at...

Glenda Hoon: “Empowering”

"I was feeling very unmotivated when it came to growing my new business, as well as lazy, guilty, and had low self-worth. Karen targeted in on areas where I've been struggling outside of my work, specifically with family and safety/security areas. Wow, I had no idea...

These testimonials speak to the completeness from one session.
Some feel lighter, happier, and energetic while others finally feel safe and nurtured, calm, and able to sleep. Your result will be unique as I use intuitive guidance to combine my quantum energy training as a Certified LifeLine® Practitioner, Reiki Master and Teacher, and Stephen Minister.  

You can’t outthink an emotional trigger. Ever.

Emotions are energetic frequencies that influence your mind, providing either momentum or stagnation energy. Which are you experiencing? 

Karen integrates her 20+ years in energy work as a certified Quantum Energy practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Ministry, and seasoned intuitive guidance into her sessions and courseworkto spiral up your Emotional Wellness.

Emotions are your soul’s language. 

Learn how to interpret and process them as your key to unlock a fulfilling future.

Self-Paced, Online Course (& Session Prerequisite)

7 Days to Emotional Wellness: A Quantum Approach

Emotional Wellness means NOT having to talk yourself into a better mood!

You aren’t meant to feel anxiety, depression, anger, fear, burnout, and other uncomfortable feelings; they’re messengers and the key to what beliefs are shaping your life and career. Learn how to listen to and interpret the language of your emotions to transform reactiveness into a personally fulfilling and successful life.  

This course gently introduces how quantum physics and biology merge with the ENERGY FREQUENCY of your emotions, thoughts, and spirit. You don’t have to become a scientist, just a desire for a better way to transform your reaction and naturally feel more freedom, harmony, and happiness in your life… Are you there yet?

Content is dripped daily over 7 days. Each day includes: 

  • A video (between 3 and 10 minutes long)
  • Supplemental educational reading (5-20 minutes)
  • Daily self-exercise/worksheet
  • PLUS+ bonus music and guided meditation downloads
  • 30-minute 1:1 Q&A with Karen on course content
  • Course payment credited toward an Energy Session with Karen

Click to Download the Course-At-A-Glance syllabus. 

Currently at $88 for lifetime access, you get this course payment credited to a 1:1 Quantum Energy Session*.

* After course completion and Q&A check in and to be utilized within 30 days. 

Do you wish you weren't as emotionally reactive?

Are you tired of not being seen or heard in life?

Does following your passion feel more like a chore?

Do you have a dream or vision but fear takes your front seat?

Are you disappointed with results after following someone else's "blueprint" for success? Or, don't enjoy the process?

If you want greater mental wellbeing and

better results from your mindfulness practices,

you’ve been led to the right place.

1:1 Quantum Energy Session

90-minute bespoke healing and guidance session. 

Karen’s passion is to help you flourish and find your inner expert to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The ability is already within you to shift your DNA and bio-energetic field to experience faster and more lasting results from your existing practices or self-development toolbox (healing modalities, mindfulness practices, meditation, coaching, or therapy). And, ultimately reduce any over-dependency on them. 

Take the driver’s seat in your emotional healing journey!

This is different from coaching… One session is a catalyst to move you forward.  Therapeutic and emotional healing results from one 90-minute session. You won’t be left with loose ends or dependence on another session. (Add’l sessions may be beneficial for some but not required; every session is bespoke and complete.) 

Staying true to her promise to teach women self-empowerment, energy sessions with Karen are currently available to existing clients OR those who complete her online prerequisite course, 7 Days to Emotional Wellbeing. ($88 course price is credited to your first energy session after course completion; a better value for newcomers!)   

Karen also works with animals, homes and land!

Animal Healing: Physical & Behavioral

Animals are natural energy healers for us, often taking on their humans’ physical pain or stress to lighten our suffering. Help them release the absorbed energy before it affects their health and longevity, and strengthen your bond with them in a way like no other can. This remote/online session is with or without the owner as a surrogate for the pet; no need for physical contact or worry about them staying still, etc. (By the way, sessions provide joint healing for pet and owner.)

Give the gift of love to your pet that exceeds all that you already do for their happiness; they want to connect with you in this heart-felt way!

“The basic changes in him are significant! He is MUCH more personable – he literally trots or even canters up to me when I go to catch him. (But it makes my heart sing every time!) You literally saved River’s life AND gave me peace of mind. I don’t cry when I handle him anymore because I feel he IS happy and not suffering.” 

~ Monica Whitmer, Horse Trainer.

Home and Land Energy Healing

Our environment is patterned after the energies that came before us—How people have used a building, room, space, or land.

The most beautifully decorated or properly feng shuied or smudged house, although a great step to feeling “at-home” in the present moment, often doesn’t clear memories or traumas of past owners, developers, or early settlers. This may show itself in your own life while at home: More arguments, generally feeling unsettled, home in continual need of repair, the land holds water or doesn’t grow grass, etc.

Have you just bought or are selling your home? Karen has helped realtors sell homes in as little as two days after a session and helped new owners create a home that is in full alignment with their intended new life.

It’s not often that I have a house in L.A. that doesn’t sell, but this one was on the market over four months. Just days after Karen’s session, we get a buyer that was absolutely head over heels in love with the house! We went straight into escrow immediately after.

The results are undeniable, and they were so instant. Karen tapped into the home’s energy, and I felt the change immediately after the 2-hour session. I can’t explain her talent, but I was so amazed! 

~Vanessa Spiva, Realtor/Keller Williams Hollywood Hills