Karen Fullerton

...As a speaker

My goal is to be  inSPIRITational
and facilitate positive change.

Is your goal to have a motivational speaker that is inspirational for one session? Or, would you prefer a teacher that self-empowers inspiritational change long after your event?

Karen represents the latter.  What is the difference? Inspiration fades. The definition of inspired means “arising from external impulse.” We cannot sustain what is separate from us, which is why so often our initial excitement fades after the conference without seeing lasting results in behavior or mindfulness.

Instead, Karen is an inspiritational speaker. The difference? Self-empowerment and the sustainable drive for positive change long after your event or conference.

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Karen customizes her talks to the audiences of college, corporate, and women’s groups and conferences but with some common presentation threads. Click on the subjects below to read the titles and descriptions for some of her most requested topics.


Presentation Title: Finding the “I” in Voice

You should be heard. You have value and worth even though you still get passed over for promotions or overruled by family or authority figures. Patterns like these have stopped you from speaking up, or have resulted in over-speaking out with a “me” voice that comes from a place of despiration and reaction.

The truth is…

It’s not what you say as much as the energy behind it that influences outcomes. I teach how to find and use the “I” in your voice – the authentic version of you that starts with being aware of and reassessing this subtle difference. It often starts with shifting an outlook of blame or entitlement to a more inward perspective of self-responsibility and discovery.

Looking back, I always felt my voice and confidence is what helped me to acheive many Director and CMO-level positions, but it didn’t prevent multiple disappointments in poor or stubborn work relationships or difficult collaborations and multiple job hops, truth be told. At that time in my life, my voice was also my liability for my happiness and success.

After I founded The Sergei Foundation I learned how to find my true voice, shape collaborations, create partnerships and the energy shifted from pushing… to receiving!

You can have a happy work place, relationships, and a balanced or totally new life you desire. You already have your voice, but you may still be using it in a self-defeating way. It is my honor to share and teach your employees, students, women’s group or conference attendees how to find the “I” in their voice.


Meaningful work/discovering purpose

Audience: College, Corporate, Women

Available Presentation Title: Discover your inner IT factor

Women's focus

Audience: College, Women

Available Presentation Title: “Two B” or not “To Be” (Balance & Boundaries)

Workplace culture

Audience: College, Corporate, Women

Available Presentation Title: From Perfectionsim to Perspective