1 on 1 with Karen Fullerton

Energy and Coaching Sessions

Personal | Professional

Personal Growth, Healing, and Empowerment

Optimize physical, behavioral, and emotional health for you (or your pet; I also work with animals). Sessions balance, align, and synergize the mind (your desired intentions), body (emotions/fears that block) and spirit (feeling inspired and a drive to action).

Professional & Purpose

Success needs vision, design, and tactics as well as energetic alignment. Karen’s extensive marketing experience will guide you through planning while energetically shifting core limiting beliefs holding you back from passion and heartful purpose.

Feel It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

Whether you feel stuck in a relationship or job, or simply put… life isn’t what you’d choose, Karen offers remote sessions to reset “you.” 


“Do I need a session, coaching, or both?”

Always start with an energy session.

It will bring clarity and balance. Harmonizing your mind, emotions, and soul inspired goals lay the foundation for healing. Sessions focus on clearing blocks and limiting beliefs, exposing a new perspective to your dreams and life goals. 

Why continue with coaching?

To continue forward momentum and benefits from the quantum energy session. This creates accountability, mentorship, connection, and the ability to clear new energy blocks that have emerged.  


I teach a live course (online or in person) on quantum healing techniques for self-healing, or as tools to help your own clients progress with faster results. Connect 1:1 to learn more or click on the flyer below from my last class.