Mind/Body/Spirit Energy Sessions

“Unprocessed emotions trapped in the subconscious mind manifest into body symptoms & stressors to get our attention…”  ~ Dr. Darren Weissman

LifeLine® Technique

Via a communicative session, I mostly utilize The LifeLine Technique® as a Certified Practitioner. But as a Reiki Master, empath, and intuitive, each session may incorporate different aspects for what is needed.

LifeLine is a systematic approach that utilizes both scienctific techniques and energetic healing practices to optimize your health, relationships, and outlook on life.

Founded by Dr. Darren Weissman in 2002, it integrates 14 modalities of existing biology, subconscious mind, and nervous system functions (ex: epigenetics, neuropeptides, and muscle reflex testing) with existing modalities of spiritual energy work (Reiki/chakras, five elements/meridians, affirmations).

Simply put, working the mind, body, and spirit together, energy healing frequencies are timed to when the mind and body indicate it is most receptive. This benefit is equivalent to pulling up a weed from its root instead of mowing over it again and again.

I feel what people are really looking for is “I’ve never heard of this, what will it do for me?” LifeLine has to be experienced. It’s like trying to explain to someone what it feels like to be in love. Ultimately, the best explanation is “you just have to experience it for yourself.” 

F.A.Q.  (click + to expand)

Is this a hands-on healing?

No. LifeLine is not done “to” or “for” you, but with you to facilitate a process that will  intentionally move you through the stressful challenges and changes of life.  Done remotely, I use either Zoom or Facebook Messenger Video to connect.

Is this similar to therapy?

LifeLine is not therapy. Even though we are intentionally processing emotions, it is mainly done through subconscious connection with muscle reflex testing. This makes it unnecessary to discuss the situation, or even verbalize the emotion itself, if you prefer. 

What holistic healing modalities are incorporated?

LifeLine incorporates aspects of 14 existing healing modalities, including Reiki/chakras, The Five Element Theory, Chinese Medicine/Meridians, Total Body Modification (TBM), Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Applied Kinesiology, Epigenetics, Quantum Physics, Homeopathy, Color & Sound Therapy. 

Is this faith-based?

To the extent of your own faith. LifeLine does not promote any specific religion or spiritual preference. It does incorporate a connectedness of oneness.

What can I expect?

Full sessions are 90-minutes, sometimes longer (shorter, Ignite sessions are 45-minutes). Truly? It is individual and also experiential. How does one explain to another what it feels like to fall in love? Some things have to be experienced for yourself.

However, clients typically say they feel lighter, more connected to themselves, reach a better emotional state by the end of a session and have a better handle/outlook on life. 

It definitely is a self-empowering approach and effects are felt immediately after each session. 

Please sign up for a free 1:1 session on this page to learn more.  

This may be for you if…

Your emotions get the better of you (easily triggered)

Bodywork modalities are not showing lasting results

Undesirable patterns (or people) keep repeating

You don't know why you are depressed, sad, or lack energy

BENEFITS PETS AS WELL: physical, emotional, behavioral

Above: Dr. Darren Weissman with Karen expressing “I love you” in American Sign Language with Infinite Love and Gratitude!