Karen Fullerton

Inspiritational® Living Course

Are you ready to take your life back? 
Inspiritational® Living – Online Course

Ask yourself… (or your clients)

Are you tired of not being seen or heard in life?

Are you working "too hard" for the results you see?

Are you ready to give up? On life goals or your business?

Are you searching for purpose in your work?

Do you get triggered easily into emotional reaction? (Anger, Sadness, Depression)

Do you feel like you never have enough money?

Do you get overwhelmed vs. excited about the vision of your life?

Do you eat, drink, or work to feel better?

The power to shift any of the above (or all) is already within you (and your clients). Learn how to use portions of The LifeLine Technique to more quickly transform through emotional reaction more permanently than any other process used alone.

Drive, willpower, and determination alone won’t achieve success. How often have you worked so hard, felt overwhelmed or burnt out, only to wonder if it was worth the effort to drain your personal life or happiness along the way? There’s another way. 

The change you seek is always within you, not external sources. 

You’ve been taught to seek for help outside of yourself.  Some professions warrant that specialty, like a surgeon or a lawyer, but this pattern created an unknowing belief of lack. Meaning,  it’s now a conditional response to seek externally for answers for most everything.  Results are disappointing, so you drive yourself into the ground with determination to succeed. That’s why burnout is at an all-time high.  

More people blindly follow blueprints for success than ever before… from social media hacks to marketing promises to financial freedom. Even holistic modalities and religion can lend themselves to a limiting belief that your health and spiritual connection are external to you.  

What if I told you by increasing your emotional intelligence and becoming emotionally resilient you would be able to know when to seek and when to follow your own gut?  When to act and when to simply wait? How to leverage positive thinking by naturally feeling happy, confident, and peaceful without having to talk yourself into those feelings?

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My Course Approach

I've worked in corporate marketing, started my own consulting business, founded a nonprofit organization, and teach business courses in higher education; I understand business strategy. 

I also led a parallel path as a Master Reiki Teacher, Certified LifeLine Practioner, and a student of quantum energy.  Realizing my greatest success and happiness came after ensuring my goals were aligned energetically, my life opened up! You can have this alignment too, which is what I teach in my course,  Living Inspiritionally®

First I'll first say what you won't get...  You won't get a finite "quick fix" to shift your life in X-number of easy steps. Self growth and transformation takes inner insight; it's not something you get from someone else telling you what to do. But I will say following the inspiritational process will get your results faster than any other blueprint-for-success methods because you learn how to decipher your own path. 

Now for what you will get... concepts that allow you to see and experience life differently. I'll share tools and exercises to begin shifting  subconscious, fear-based patterns and limiting beliefs that are hijacking your success... or, are making you work too hard for it. Exhaustion, frustration, or burnout are not meant to be a part of your heart's desire and dreams!