Discover the True Power of Inspiration

We all love to be inspired. The feeling, the momentum, the jolt of “yes!” that moves us away from feeling stagnant.

Inspiration lifts us up and gives us the bit of bravery we need to encourage change. It could be for a new career, creative hobby, or to break ties with people who aren’t good for us.

It’s natural to feel that whatever sparked the feeling of motivation in you is what is meant to be (or who we are meant to be with).  But fixating on the end result too soon is what sets us up for disappointment. Often, this all-or-nothing approach is when inspiration fades and we feel like giving up…

Don’t give up!

The true power of inspiration is not to propel you to your ultimate goal, but rather to the next best step along the way.

Think about it. Inspiration is meant to be this big, grandiose, “ah ha!” feeling in order to break you free of a pattern that isn’t good for you any longer. Would something mediocre really create that much of a difference that would break you from your comfort zone? Probably not.

BUT! That doesn’t mean inspiration is a liar or trying to fool you at all. Just the opposite. It tells you that your dreams are real, your passions for big change and big goals are able to get you the life you desire!

It’s difficult to rationalize this, but inspiration’s role is to help us to change so we are prepared to receive our dream! The true power of inspiration is teaching you to look for that next-best-step that will continue the feeling… like clues on a treasure map. This is a process I like to call InSPIRITation®.

How often is a treasure map a simple line from point A to point B? Treasure maps lead the searcher through multiple clues, sometimes in circles or doubling back, before moving closer to the gold.

How do you find those clues?

Inspiration comes from the heart and the soul, yet most immediately turn to the mind to figure it out for us in terms of how to get there. When your mind tries to skip a few clues to get to the treasure; that’s when inspiration fades. The mind thinks that it’s just about bringing the dream to where we’re already at. The truth is, you are the one who has to change, grow, and evolve towards your dream!

Rarely are we immediately ready emotionally, spiritually, or mentally, even though we’re ready for it physically to come into being. A lot of inner change must happen, one step at a time, so that we are ready to be in full alignment with our dream or calling.

When you only follow the mind, there are clues as well. It can appear as road blocks or friction that you would not choose to have. These occur to help you realize growth is still needed.

The mind may give you a list of deadlines and to-do lists, leaping in with a “just do it” plan of action. Sure, it could work out; the mind, your commitment, and consistency may bring success. However, in my experience, it is not without stress, feeling overwhelmed, or missing out on life, and the journey then only becomes a mental goal even when the inspiration has already faded.

Your heart, on the other hand, will always know the next best step.

For example, you hear someone speak on the Clubhouse app or webinar who you connect with; they have been successful with a marketing platform and say it will you get clients. You’re inspired by them, but before buying anything, set up a free call. Give yourself time to check in with your heart on the matter; it could be this initial excitement of working with them isn’t meant to have you buy their system—it could simply be for a “gold nugget” or the next clue on your treasure hunt!

How do you know? After you connect with them, how do you feel? Do this in solitude, not on the call. Go past their words and check in with your feelings and heart. Is there still that same connection? Any trepidation about cost? Fear or hesitation is our friend and not always something to dismiss!

If during the call you didn’t get the specifics you were looking for, aren’t comfortable with the cost, or your body doesn’t feel the same level of excitement as you initially felt, that is your heart’s clue.

Lean in and find the gold nugget for your treasure hunt. Perhaps you remember they mentioned a book… one that you seemed to be interested in to help you out. That is your next inspiring step! Maybe you’ll get the information from that book to go forward on your own a bit, which then will lead you to another collaboration that will align. Or, perhaps it just means to be patient a bit longer and not rush the outcome.

When you take time to ask your heart and listen to your body, it will always know the next best step. This is a simple concept, but not always easy to do. What gets in the way? Timing.

Most of us are so excited when we’re inspired by our new passion that we do all we can to make it a reality now! But bypassing the heart to the mind and ego will lead you down a path of greater resistance. Rest assured, there really is no wrong choice; you always have the opportunity to learn from hindsight, grow, and know better how to follow the clues of inspiration for the next time.

I can almost hear you say, “I don’t get it, isn’t all progress good?” Let’s take the same example above and you hire the person thinking, “they’re the experts, they must know how to help me!”

You would feel it if your heart was trying to tell you to wait. Perhaps you become frustrated in communication with them, or it’s more money than you feel comfortable spending, so you’re micromanaging and feeling overwhelmed, or you don’t obtain the promised results.

Even success may show you that you skipped a step of the inspired path: Not being ready for the influx of calls or emails and obtaining a poor customer service reputation. Not feeling as confident with clients from lack of experience, something your clients feel and stop working with you or deter others from doing so… simply because your soul, your emotions, or your mental capacity wasn’t in the best harmonic alignment for your dream to come true (as odd as that may sound).

Listening to your body, your emotions, and your heart is a subtle art. It takes trust, practice, and, at times, defiance to learn this inSPIRITual practice for the next time.

You are your best teacher, healer, and ultimate treasure hunter, but I am delighted to be your guide, teaching you how to learn this process so that you can best navigate to where the X marks the spot to your heart’s desire.


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