Working through our trauma is like encountering quicksand…

Walkthrough on your own, and you’re likely to sink from panic.  

Choosing not to cross keeps you trapped, unable to progress.  

Freedom comes from accepting a hand from those on the other side.


We are all here to help one another through the things that are otherwise impossible to get “over.”

Women intuitively and historically have understood this, relying on other women for advice, support, and help. So although this message applies to all…

It’s especially a pivotal opportunity for men.

This is a time in our history, world, and energy of evolution when living in harmony with the balance of masculine and feminine energies is inevitable. By feminine, I mean the ability to receive, to allow, to be still long enough to feel emotions.

By nature, men are doers, providers, protectors of the family above their own desires. Survival of the fittest in the past meant a man could never show weakness as it could strip them of their role, status, even their life. Always on-guard, always active, feminine energy was rejected and associated with only women as it included being cognizant of emotions—a deterrent from always being alert and in control.

Since asking for help (even directions!) is a perceived as weakness, it’s going to take a shift in consciousness to break this long-standing pattern. As a result, men are stuck in trauma, and the drama of it, more than ever.

There is no blame. No fault. It just is.  No, it just was. Society dictated this. The physical makeup of the male dictated this. If men could not survive on their own, they died.

Today, that death may not be physical, but it is emotional, mental, and it affects the connectedness with others (and the world) at a soul level, or spiritual way of well-being.

A time to heal.  

Men, more than ever, are unable to ignore the internal discomfort, uprising, and pain from these past patterns.

This is by Divine design and the progress of energy and ascension of this time. You may see this energy asking to be addressed and healed through conflict in relationships with a spouse or mother, and even may experience a loss of creative inspiration (as creation is feminine energy!).

What used to be avoided through pride or denial won’t yield the same numbness that allowed many to “get through” life. This time, there is an increased awareness that is like someone tapping your shoulder, relentlessly.  For men especially, the pain will even dig into you deeper to motivate change, growth, and to heal that trauma that started long before you.

The way through the quicksand of healing emotional trauma, and to balance the masculine and feminine energies, starts with the willingness to accept the help of others. Even more so, seek the help of others. No longer can you do this all on your own, nor are you meant to.

Looking to others is a strength, not a weakness.

Humans are meant to be in community, to help one another. From a spiritual perspective, we are all one; accepting help is accepting help from an aspect of the self.

Hindsight is always 20/20.  After you take the leap and seek or accept a helping hand through the quicksand, you’ll wonder why you ever waited so long. If you choose not to cross until you figure out how to do it yourself, there you most likely will remain. This is a time of internal courage. Facing our fears, our past, and breaking the ancestral patterns that keep us frozen from change.


That said, healing is always a self-led journey.

Without meaning to sound contradictive, self-evolution can only happen within you. Every individual has to still walk through the quicksand of trauma, processing emotions, learning, and growing. If we rely on others to do it all for us, they may also fall in the pit, or realize they can’t carry the full weight of it all. Have you ever left a relationship, or had someone leave you, because of carrying too much weight for the both of you?

When it’s our choice to heal, change, and grow to feel better, it gives us our power back!  You aren’t relying on someone else to change you, but their help is much needed to support and guide you (and who isn’t eager to help when you see that people are evolving from it?). When you look at it that way, there is definitely still a place for your pride. It’s just repurposed!

Not sure where to start?

For those who are more introverted, this can start with reading self-growth books, listening to podcasts, viewing how those you admire act to gain some inspiration on how to balance with feminine energy, and tap into your emotions.

For those more extroverted or ready for additional progress, taking part in healing sessions with energy work practitioners or trying various bodywork modalities may be a great step to release toxins past beliefs have stored in the body.

Whatever you choose, select something where you feel safe to access your feelings and improve communication from the heart. Pledge to take a step to be more vulnerable, to invite in and feel more comfortable with the feminine energy that is here to balance ourselves, our relationships, and all of humanity. Because…

We are all here to help one another through the things that are otherwise impossible to get “over.”