As we head into 2020 join me, and over 20 top experts, for an online Mind/Body/Soul Masterclass Series: A Free 7-Day Virtual Event during the upcoming winter solstice transition into the new decade! The Series starts on December 27th hosted by The Psychic Soul. All talks are aligned to help unblock stuck energy, step into your power, and make this next decade your best one yet!  

My talk is Dec. 29th: The basics of subconscious healing, the power of Infinite Love and Gratitude, and the importance of root chakra alignment.

Learn more, and register for free here. All experts offer free gifts!

Other topics include:

★ Unleash Your Creative Voice and Change the World!

★ Sound Alchemy:Heal Mind, Body, & Soul

★ Heart Path to Business Path: Doing What You Love

★ Updating Your Soul Contracts for the New Decade

★ Mindful Soul & Beauty: Head to Toe Authentically YOU!

★ Reuniting with our Twin Flames for 2020

★ Working with Divination for Clarity

★ Shifting from Brain to Heart Consciousness

★ Discovering your Life Source through Spiritual Hypnosis

★ Vedic Astrology: MAJOR 2020 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction

★ Saving the Small Business

★ Numerology of 2020 and Calculating your Personal Year

★ …and so much more!