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The Sergei Foundation was founded as a North Carolina 501(c)(3) organization in 2009 to meet the unanswered need and demand for sick and injured companion pet care. Its mission is to save companion pets' lives by providing veterinary financial aid to families unable to afford emergency, life-saving care... "Because They're Family!" 

Since its founding in 2009, hundred of dogs and cats have been helped, just like Miles and Midnight below featured below. You can see more pets on the "Who We've Helped" page of The Sergei Foundation's website.  


miles_june2016_after amputation_web


Miles is a therapy dog for a Marine with PTSD.  What started out as a bad infection in his paw developed necrosis from an infection that just would not heal with treatment.  The Sergei Foundation was able to pay for an amputation for Miles, otherwise he would have to have been euthanized as the owner did not have funds for surgery, and he was in chronic pain. You can see from the "before" photo below the dark color (dead tissue) on the paw and it could not use it all all. 

miles_june2016_before photo_web



Midnight is one of the first cats that were helped back in 2013 when The Sergei Foundation was able to expand its programs to help felines!  He snuck out an open door and came back home with an awful wound that left his eye out of socket.  His eye was in such bad condition that when The Sergei Foundation approved Midnight for his vet visit the vet dropped everything to attend to his surgery immediately.  


Both surgeries for Miles and Midnight were successful, and they were able to return home to their loving companion families. These are only two examples of the HUNDREDS of dogs and cats that have been helped with needed veterinary care by The Sergei Foundation.  Click here to see more pets helped (or to donate directly).