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Winter Solstice Summit Free Gift and Offers

FREE book

Free Kindle download of Sergei’s Eyes, Reflections in Soul Lessons.

Memoirs of sharing my life’s hurdles and triumphs with my Siberian Husky, Sergei, transform into insightful soul lessons for your reflection, showing how pets can be our greatest teachers through life’s most difficult times. I hope you’ll experience “Me-too!” moments that inspire you on your own journey and healing of emotional wounds.

Kindle e-book free through 1/2/2020.
Or, download the .pdf

Special Invite!

Early access to my online mini course, “When It’s Not Karma,” at a special price. In this self-paced, three lesson course, learn how undesirable patterns, people, and experiences in your life (often that keep repeating!) may not be karma, but a subconscious protective mechanism that you will learn how to shift. Each lesson includes a short video introduction, downloads, and self exercises or self-growth quizzes. Special rate: $10 (vs. $29)

Session Discount

20% off a remote Reiki or LifeLine session. Feel stuck in life? Frustrated by emotional reactions or patterns that you can’t seem to clear? Believe manifestation doesn’t work for you? Desire to improve your health? Step of into the New Year ready for positive change and healing. Summit attendees receive this through January 31, 2020. Use the code SUMMIT in the promotional code. Reiki 60 min: $52 (vs. $65) LifeLine 90 min: $88 (vs. $111)

Transform anxiety & depression

This month-long program is a blend of 1-1 coaching, weekly LifeLine sessions, and assigned self-work. 100% self-empowering, my goals is to be inSPIRITational and teach tools for continued self-healing and growth. Clear root-chakra energy and shift subconscious reactive patterns of fear-based emotions that torment and suppress the real you. You are worthy. You are safe. You are enough! $333 (vs. $500)
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The summit allowed me to share with you, but trust develops with mutual experience and communication.
I’d be honored to get to know you, and you me, before signing up for any session or program.
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