Individual Sessions

Ready for Positive Change?

Karen utilizes a fusion of developed intuition, energy work, coaching, business experience, and personal life lessons to guide, empower, and liberate through energy healing or mentoring sessions – typically 60 to 90 minutes. All may be done remotely so it does not matter where you live.  

Like a kaleidoscope, we are all unique and ever-changing. Karen’s passions and talents blend into an intricate pattern of offerings that are always guided and delivered for you individually. Sign up for a free 20 minute call or video meeting so she can best understand your situation and needs. Together you’ll discuss and identify a session type that is best for you, your pet, or physical space.

But if you prefer, you may view pricing, packages, and schedule a session directly.

Personal Healing/Empowerment (and Pets)

Optimize physical, behavioral and emotional health for you or your pet with energy work and subconscious alignment. The mind, body, emotions, and spirituality are connected. 

Professional & Life's Purpose

Success needs vision, design, and tactics as well as energetic alignment. Karen’s extensive marketing experience will guide you through planning while shifting core limiting beliefs holding you back from passion and heartful purpose.


LifeLine works with mind energy to clear limiting belief patterns held at a cellular level for DNA level change. Improve health, relationships, and outlook on life.  Karen also specializes in helping pets with behavior and health issues as well as homes/land (think feng shui, but more targeted).


Feel just “off” or not sure where to start? Reiki is a gentle process that balances the seven major chakras across physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes. You will feel calm, balanced, and more focused. Reiki also may be utilized with pets. 

Soul-growth Coaching

Feeling like you have greater purpose? Soul coaching goes outside the constructs of religion and connects you to a heart-led life.  You have an energetic as well as physical purpose, which does not solely equal career. 

Professional Mentoring

Not happy with your profession or your personal idea of success? Core liming beliefs energetically affect our ability to thrive. Like Maslow’s Heirarchy of needs, energy works much in the same way. 

“I couldn’t be more pleased after my LifeLine session. Karen is the ultimate and consumate professional. I loved the fact that she dug deep but gave me room and leeway to keep to myself whatever I wasn’t ready to share verbally. Not intrusive or intimidating at all. You end up feeling great and ready to tackle the world with the homework she gives you. Highly recommend her!!”

Hector Pureco

(Charlotte, NC)

“Karen is absolutely amazing! I appreciate her flexibility and her eagerness to help me. She has the ability to tap into those unspoken words and energy sources. After one session with Karen, I felt completely reconnected to my purpose and myself. Highly recommended!”

Tina Heckman

(Palm Beach Gardens, FL)

“Karen Fullerton is a powerhouse of a Certified LifeLine Practitioner! She set her intention and blazed through the certification course with flying colors. I’m honored to have her as a student and inspired for the many people whose lives will be profoundly enhanced because she is choosing to shine! If you’re considering working with Karen, I highly recommend you do.”

Dr. Darren Weissman

(Chicago, IL), Developer, The LifeLine Technique

I have had both Reiki and Lifeline sessions with Karen. During my first session of reiki I wasn’t sure what would happen, but she made me feel comfortable and relaxed. My next session was incredible! I could feel the love. She has helped me to understand Chakras and energy healing and will answer questions that I have with patience and compassion.”

Karen Emery

(Annandale, VA)

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