Karen Fullerton

Energetic Catalyst

Helping you reach your greatest potential

“Every time you’re tempted to react in the same old way, ask yourself if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.”
~ Dr. Deepok Chopra

Personal Healing & Empowerment

Personal healing can mean feeling better physically, but it is also much more than that.

Daily life can be challenging. Do you get pushed to the limit of a breaking point? Does something someone says or does trigger you into reaction that you feel guilty or shameful about later? Or maybe you just aren’t as happy as you think you should be?

These are all signs our body’s energy systems are unbalanced or blocked; it’s calling to you to make a positive change and some self-care.

As energy beings, energy flows through us and affects us – from happy moments with a loved one to suddenly being in a bad mood after being around someone who complains all the time.

Energy healing balances not only our chakra system, but also heals on the mental (limiting beliefs – as in “I’m not good enough”), emotional (undesireable reactive behavior), and spiritual (drama/trauma) levels in order to improve the physical body.

Taking care of your whole self, mind/body/spirit, promotes self-empowerment, defined as “a process of becomiing stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life.


Ask yourself…

Do you have "me" time?

Do you have fulfilling relationships?

Do you have healthy family relations?

Are you excited about the vision of your life?

Are undesirable patterns or relationships repeating?

Do you eat, drink, or work to feel better?

Do you wish you had better sleep patterns?

My Approach

As someone who has experienced the hurdles of many emotional traumas, relationships, and resulting undesired reactions over my 50-years, I connect well with others who are looking to balance their own emotional reactions or behaviors, creating a healthier response pattern. This includes pets! (Pets mirror us as owners, so a healing for a pet is a healing for us as a pet parent.)

My energy “fingerprint” has been described as a catalyst for change.  I’ve been told that I lovingly stir stagnancy. Meaning, accelerating the reaction for positive growth and healing, especially for those who are committed to taking the next step to their empowered potential.  My goal is to inspire and to be inSPIRITational, as my strong intuition is always a part of our sessions together.