What is LifeLine?

” Unprocessed emotions trapped in the subconscious mind manifest into body symptoms & stressors to get our attention…”  ~ Dr. Darren Weissman

Connecting Science and Spirituality

The LifeLine Technique® is a systematic approach to optimize your health, your relationships, and your outlook on life by utilizing both science and spiritual holistic healing practices.

Founded by Dr. Darren Weissman in 2002, it integrates 14 modalities of existing biology, subconscious mind, and nervous system functions (ex: epigenetics, neuropeptides, and muscle reflex testing) with existing modalities of spiritual energy work (Reiki/chakras, five elements/meridians, affirmations).  

Simply put, working the mind, body, and spirit together, energy healing frequencies are timed to when the mind and body indicate it is most receptive. This benefit is equivalent to pulling up a weed from its root instead of mowing over it again and again.

I feel what people are really looking for is “I’ve never heard of this, what will it do for me?

My story…

I’ll start by saying the reason I became a Certified LifeLine Practitioner is because of the results I saw in my own life. It immediately balanced out my emotions and soon after improved my body symptoms.

Overall, I was in very good health and not on any medications. I had been practicing energy work for 20 years, yet I was becomming frustrated with increasingly bad joint pain. My bones went out of alignment easily. I was taking weekly trips to the Chiropractor but without lasting results. This held true for massage visits as well. Patterns of circumstances kept repeating in my life, too. How could I be a spiritual practitioner and not be “learning my lessons?” My husband also started to point out that I was angry all the time.

After experiencing LifeLine and keeping up with self-healing work, my joint pain improved dramatically is less than a month. More importantly for me is when I found myself singing and dancing to a song on the radio in my car; I had forgotten what it felt like to truly be happy and carefree! I was thriving instead of just surviving life’s stressful events. My husband and I  strenghtened our relationship and chiropractor visits  became months, not days, apart. Not to mention, my life began to manifest my heart’s desire!

As an energy worker, the philosophy behind this technique immediately resonated; it was the missing piece of my own personal puzzle for self-healing, and I am confident you will see a profound shift as well in how you respond to life’s stress, which ultimately will improve your health.

LifeLine has to be experienced. It’s like trying to explain to someone what it feels like to be in love. Ultimately, the best explanation is “you just have to experience it for yourself.”


LifeLine may be for you if…

You want to improve body symptoms/health

Bodywork modalities are not showing lasting results

You find yourself numb to life (I "should" be happy!)

Your emotions get the better of you (easily triggered)

You aren't getting "what you want" out of life

Undesireable patterns (or people) keep repeating

You don't know why you are depressed, sad, or lack energy

You just feel stuck in life, yet want so much more

BENEFITS PETS AS WELL: physical, emotional, behavioral

Learn more how the LifeLine Technique can help you:

**In addition to below sessions, ESPECIALLY FOR TEENS package is 25% off to help with school anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, and heal unprocessed emotions  on a subconscious level that can affect life’s decisions.


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Above: Dr. Darren Weissman, founder of The LifeLine Technique, with Karen Fullerton. Sharing “Infinite Love and Gratitude!”