Karen Fullerton

Healer, Author, Speaker

Energetic Catalyst: Certifield LifeLine Practioner, Reiki Master Teacher, MBA 

Ready for Positive Change?

Personal Healing & Empowerment (Pets, too!)

Optimize life with energetic healing and subconscious alignment. 

Professional & Life's Purpose

Heal core limiting beliefs holding you back from success and your true passion.

Empowering you to

Live to Your Fullest Potential

Karen’s  energy signature compassionately “stirs stagnancy” for those ready and committed to accelerated, positive change: personally and professionally.

LifeLine sessions self-empower and heal core limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. Together, we create an energy dialog with the subconscious mind through heart-based intention utilizing 14 holistic healing modalities.

You will move forward with renewed inspiration and optimized emotional well-being, physical health, and resiliency to life’s “portals” of opportunities.


Feeling like nothing has worked? Are patterns or symptoms getting worse? LifeLine encourages cellular shifts, DNA level healing for better health, relationships, and outlook on life.  Remote or in-person sessions available.


Feel just “off” or not sure where to start? Reiki is a gentle process that I offer remotely (hands-off). Designed to balance the seven major chakras across physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes.  You will feel calm, balanced, and more focused.  Remote or in-person sessions available.

Soul-growth Coaching

Feeling like you have greater purpose? Soul coaching goes outside the constructs of religion and connects you to a heart-led life.  You have an energetic as well as physical purpose, which does not solely equal career. Remote or in-person sessions available.

Professional Mentoring

Not happy with your profession or your personal idea of success? Core liming beliefs energetically affect our ability to thrive. Like Maslow’s Heirarchy of needs, energy works much in the same way. Remote or in-person sessions available.

F.A.Q. About LifeLine

The LifeLine Technique® is a process integrating philosophies, science, and energy modalities to process pain, fear, and stress.

A core principle of this technique, founded by Dr. Darren Weissman, is that rather than problems these are portals
into the next greatest version of your mind, body, relationships, 
and future. 

Learn to listen to your heart; it always knows your next best step!

Is this a hands-on healing?

No. LifeLine is not done “to” or “for” you, but with you to facilitate a process that will  intentionally move you through the stressful challenges and changes of life.  Done remotely, I use either Zoom or Facebook Messenger Video to connect.

Is this similar to therapy?

LifeLine is not therapy. Even though we are intentionally processing emotions, it is mainly done through subconscious connection with muscle reflex testing. This makes it unnecessary to discuss the situation, or even verbalize the emotion itself, if you prefer. 

What holistic healing modalities are incorporated?

LifeLine incorporates aspects of 14 existing healing modalities, including Reiki/chakras, The Five Element Theory, Chinese Medicine/Meridians, Total Body Modification (TBM), Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Applied Kinesiology, Epigenetics, Quantum Physics, Homeopathy, Color & Sound Therapy. 

Is this faith-based?

To the extent of your own faith. LifeLine does not promote any specific religion or spiritual preference. It does incorporate a connectedness of oneness.

What can I expect?

Full sessions are 90-minutes, sometimes longer (shorter, Ignite sessions are 45-minutes). Truly? It is individual and also experiential. How does one explain to another what it feels like to fall in love? Some things have to be experienced for yourself. It definitely is a self-empowering approach and effects are felt immediately after each session. 

Clients are guided to intentionally observe the stressful challenges in life and body symptoms from a discerning vs. judgemental viewpoint, leading to set a heart-guided intention to manifest. Full sessions use declarative statements, body movement, color and senses therapy and more to align the subconscious mind, body, and energetic fields with a universal “infiinte love and gratitude” universal healing frequency.  


About Karen

Karen Fullerton is a senior-level holistic energy worker. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, Certified LifeLine Technique Practitioner, highly intuitive healer, and author of Sergei’s Eyes, Reflections of Soul Lessons.  

Her MBA and more than 20 years in corporate marketing, entrepreneurship, and collegiate teaching, gives her a  balanced approach to her life and healing techniques to those desiring to optimize professional success. Karen is also the founder of The Sergei Foundation, a NC-based charity to help sick and injured companion pets.

These kaleidoscope of passions and talents blend into an intricate pattern of uniqueness for each client – person or pet! 


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Dr. Darren Weissman (Chicago, Illinois)

“Karen Fullerton is a powerhouse of a Certified LifeLine Practitioner! She set her intention and blazed through the certification course with flying colors. I’m honored to have her as a student and inspired for the many people whose lives will be profoundly enhanced because she is choosing to shine! If you’re considering working with Karen, I highly recommend you do.”

~Dr. Darren Weissman, the developer of The LifeLine Technique®

Tina Heckman (Palm Beach Gardens, Florida)

“Karen is absolutely amazing! I appreciate her flexibility and her eagerness to help me. She has the ability to tap into those unspoken words and energy sources. After one session with Karen, I felt completely reconnected to my purpose and myself. Highly recommended!”

Hector Pureco (Charlotte, NC)

“I had my first Lifeline session with Karen a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t be more pleased. Karen is the ultimate and consumate professional. She took me through the sixteen step process with amazing patience and passion. She explained every step and made me feel the center of the world for the duration of the session. I loved the fact that she dug deep but gave me room and leeway to keep to myself whatever I wasn’t ready to share verbally. Not intrusive or intimidating at all. You end up feeling great and ready to tackle the world with the homework she gives you.  Highly recommend her!! Infinite love and gratitude!!!”

~Hector Pureco, client

Karen Emery (Annandale, VA)

I have had both Reiki and Lifeline sessions with Karen. During my first session of reiki I wasn’t sure what would happen, but she made me feel comfortable and relaxed. My next session was incredible! I could feel the love. She has helped me to understand Chakras and energy healing and will answer questions that I have with patience and compassion.”

C-View Internet Radio

“Karen is an excellent Energy Healer and Animal Communicator. She has been a host on C-view in the past with energy healing and earth healing. As a LifeLine Practitioner she has blossomed and found her niche of expertise. This technique is very simple and clear to get to the bottom of things, processing pain, fear, and stress. It’s a 16 step process to navigate the realm of the subconscious mind transform problems in your life into a portal of the next greatest version of your life.”


Affiliated Resources

Sergei's Eyes

Karen recounts several memories with her beloved Siberian Husky, Sergei. Stories of ordinary life moments with her dog transform into insightful soul lessons for your reflection. 100% benefits sick and injured pets. 

The Sergei Foundation

Karen Fullerton founded this 501(c)(3) NC nonprofit organization in 2009 to help lower income families afford emergency veterinary care for their family dogs and cats. 

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