Karen Fullerton

Speaker, Author, Energetic Catalyst

My goal is to be  Inspiritational™
and facilitate positive change.

Heart Marketing (A deeper dive into authentic marketing)

Telling your story should be fun!

If it is becoming more of a chore to keep up with posts, networking, or learning endless “how to’s” and robbing you from the passion you started with, it’s because  following someone else’s blueprint for success rarely works. Or, at least at the level you had hoped. There is no secret-for-success when you fully rely on someone else’s plan for your creative work (yes, even if it has been highly successful for them).


The same passion and unique learning lessons that create your stories, your blog posts, or your books is the same energy that must fuel successful marketing. It’s you!

Karen Fullerton is an energetic catalyst for positive change. With more than 30 years in marketing and PR, from CMO and entrepreneur to Founder of The Sergei Foundation nonprofit, she now teaches an even deeper level of authentic marketing… she calls, heart marketing—blending business with biology and psychology for your self-devised marketing plan that is as unique as your fingerprint. This is what will propel your efforts and allow you to break your self-imposed ceiling (and feel inspired and energized all the while).

More than theory, Karen guides in experiential exercises to teach when heart marketing is truly in play. Nobody likes to be told what to do, so why are you still asking (paying!) others to tell you… how to tell… your story?  Break free! Regain you sense of self and…

  • Learn to shed fear and limiting beliefs you didn’t even know you had.
  • Shift from thinking to “feeling” for success—blending biology and psychology with marketing.
  • Learn to have fun again in promoting your craft instead of pounding the pavement from an “I have to do this” attitude.
  • Learn to break your self-imposed glass ceiling
  • Understand the difference between being inspired and becoming inspiritational™ in your work.
  • In doing so, you will learn to discern what approaches are right for you and keep your passion alive! (before you burn out or lose your inspiration from disappointment and tired of trying.