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You're Ready for It!

You feel there’s more to life than what you’ve been living. You’re ready for “It” —  Inner Transformation. Two letters and a viewpoint that converts inspiration into a totally new mindset and a new word, inSPIRITation; the catalyst for heart-led, soulful change and self growth.

Karen is an entrepreneur, Founder of The Sergei Foundation nonprofit organization, adjunct professor, writer, change agent and healer who now teaches as an inspiritational speaker. Her story-telling approach helps transform stagnated energy, renewing a belief in self that heals the heart.  

Let's Connect - Free Book Download

“Me Too” moments are what unite us all in life. You’ve felt it… the instant kinship when we emotionally connect with someone who is being authentic, maybe a bit vulnerable!  We learn it’s okay not to be perfect.  (In fact, “From Perfectionism to Perspective” is one of my speaking topics to help people make authentic connections, first with themselves, to then create it with others.)

I invite you to get to know me through my book, Sergei’s Eyes, Reflections of Soul Lessons via a free download where I share 14 of my life’s greatest hurdles, challenges, and triumphs through an intuitive perspective of my first dog, a Siberian Husky named Sergei. I learned lessons that forever changed my life that I’d like to share with you. READ MORE….

Online Mini-Course: When It’s Not Karma!

What is karma versus a programmed limited belief? Learn the difference and how to shift unpleasant patterns of life through a self-empowering approach. Click for a FREE  preview and lesson download from my online mini course (or just $10 for full access).

“Karen is a powerhouse! Your life will be profoundly enhanced by working with her; she is aligned in her purpose and choosing to shine. I highly recommend her.”

~Dr. Darren Weissman, Developer of The LifeLine Technique®

“Very engaging speaker! Karen is an excellent story-teller.  She is a teacher at heart, and is a welcome host on my radio blog, C-view.

~Claudia Pureco, Producer C-view

“Karen is absolutely amazing. She has the ability to tap into those unspoken words and energy sources. After one session with Karen, I felt completely reconnected to my purpose and myself. Highly recommended!”

~Tina M., client