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You're Ready.

You feel like there is more to life than what you’ve been living. But you’re afraid nothing will work to get you there, because it hasn’t so far.

I am an Energetic Catalyst. Through mentoring, speaking, and energy healing sessions, I energetically stir that stagnancy, igniting positive change through what I like to call, inspiritational means. My overall goal is to teach, guiding you to a self-sufficient, self-empowered  healing journey so you lead your most authentic, heart-led life.   

My 20+ years experience and strong intuition allow for a fusion of varying energy healing and mind wellness modalities that uniquely tailor to you. You are unique! Nobody has your fingerprint, literal or energetically. My heart-faceted kaleidoscope mandala symbolizes my approach: viewing the whole person from a heart perspective, as a union of many facets of life experiences, beliefs, emotions, and desires that are constantly changing and evolving. There is no one-size fits all approach or session. 

As a light worker,  I also work with the earth, animals, and all souls and sentient beings. We all are one. 

Free gift

Receive Sergei’s Eyes, Reflections of Soul Lessons, as a free .pdf download (or Kindle download for $1.99). Sharing memories of  life’s personal hurdles and growth lessons through the eyes of my first dog, a Siberian Husky named Sergei are sure to connect us in  “Me-too!” moments of comfort and strength – knowing you are not alone in your life’s journey. Begin to see your pets as the guides and teachers they are, which helps heal the grief we feel upon their loss.  

Online Mini-Course: When It’s Not Karma!

Start off 2020 empowered. Click for a FREE  preview and lesson download from my online mini course (or just $10 for full access). Learn how how karma is not the catch-all for life’s unpleasantries, how to know the difference, and what to do to shift out of those patterns.

“Karen is a powerhouse! Your life will be profoundly enhanced by working with her; she is aligned in her purpose and choosing to shine. I highly recommend her.”

~Dr. Darren Weissman, Developer of The LifeLine Technique®

“Very engaging! Karen is an excellent Energy Healer for people and pets. She is a teacher at heart, and is a welcome host on my radio blog, C-view.

~Claudia Pureco, Producer C-view

“Karen is absolutely amazing. She has the ability to tap into those unspoken words and energy sources. After one session with Karen, I felt completely reconnected to my purpose and myself. Highly recommended!”

~Tina M., client